Yoga for Neurologically Diverse Children

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Yoga healing for children with challenges

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Suzanne MANSON


Suzanne trained and finsihed her 500 hour Ishta training in 2003 and has recently completed her Kundalini Level 1 /eacher Training. Having completed her University studies in Psychology and further training in the field of Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming, she was lead to exploring yoga as a modality for healing, restoration and balance. Suzanne's classes are about encouraging students to first open into heart conciousness and then to awaken the creative and playful nature of their own inner child. Combined with the understanding that there is a whole magnificent and powerful spirit within has inspired Suzanne to create classes around these subjects. Suzanne is accredited as a TrainerPro with the Yoga Alliance Professionals. She trained in Children's yoga in London in 2002 and with Shakta Kaur Khalsa in 2006. When coming back to Johannesburg from London in 2003, she realised there was very little knowledge of children's yoga in South Africa. Her company, Yoga4kids, has over the years presented thousands of age-appropriate curricula which have offered children and teens the ability for form a profound relationship with self and the ability to move from being a victim of circumstance to a warrior of their own truth and destiny. These creative and playful cirricula have been extremely successful and have been presented in remedial schools, private and government schools and studios for fifteen years. In 2005 Suzanne formed the Yoga4kids Teacher Training Acadamy. The Acadamy offers Children's Yoga Teacher Training as well as Yoga Teacher Training for Teens. The journey of having her own daughter diagnosed with dyspraxia and ADD and having spent most of her yoga teaching in special needs school, Suzanne recently launched her YogaTherapy4Kids Training Course. The course is written with an Occupational Therapist and provides the tools of how to bring the excellent mental, emotional, physical and energetic balance of yoga as an individual or small group practice to these children. This is a 100 hour course. The forming of the WHOLEy CHILD Foundation in 2014 and which has recently been registered as an NPC, is the platfrom whereby the Yoga4kids classes and curriculums can be offered to children in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Thier mission also includes bringing the Training Platforms to woman who work or live in these communities. Suzanne would now like to take her work globally and spread her methodology of teaching children to a broader market.