An on-the-spot, yoga practice to address vaginal dryness, one of the 36 menopause symptoms.

Our menopause symptom practice focuses on addressing vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy. This symptom is extremely common, however can be as verbally sensitive and uncomfortable as it is physically. This straightforward, mindfulness exercise (keep your clothes on, hands on your lap!) can assist in promoting increased lubrication in the yoni!

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    1. Yoga and the 36 Menopause Symptoms - Yoni G-spot Yoga

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SueYen WAN

Senior Yoga Teacher, TrainerPRO

Our founder, SueYen is a gifted Yoga instructor. Having had a successful international career she now calls London home. SueYen is passionate about optimum health and well-being and has dedicated her life work is assisting others on their journey of self-healing, empowerment, and spirituality.