how to support a hyper-mobile student in a yin yoga class

Should Yin-yoga be all passive stretching? Is passive stretching bad? Why are there various opinions on this subject? Because we have varying human bodies! In this workshop we explore the natural range of tissue types, from our vikings, to our dancers and every one in-between. Prone to over stretching and injury our hyper-mobile students will need our support and attention more than we may realise!
Postnatal yoga

Course curriculum

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    Yin and Hyper-mobility

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    • Know the difference between active and passive stretching and how to support a hyper-mobile student in a yin yoga class



Trainer Pro, Senior Yoga Teacher

Amy is a passionate and experienced yoga teacher, trainer and mentor, spreading the light that is yoga to as many people as she possibly can! She discovered Yin-yoga in her late 30s when running around after 2 young children and trying to get back into surfing left her feeling tight and tired, and her yang style yoga was not helping. Yin literally changed her life (and her surfing!), and she is now on a mission to get the world doing Yin though her classes and 50-hour further training Yin course. Alongside her love of Yin and surfing, Amy mentors yoga teachers to create a profitable, sustainable business and is the host of the Prosperous Yogini podcast.