Learn the Opening and Grounding Mudra

Get familiar with the kinesiological rationale of practicing with rotation

Enjoy the Opening and Grounding spirals of the Hand Filament in practice with these warming mudra-inspired movements based on supination and pronation. An excellent choice for conditioning the wrists of people who struggle with weight-bearing and for introducing rotation-based movement in any class setting.

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    1. Opening and Grounding Mudra

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The Instructor


Senior Yoga Teacher

Karen, Founder of Meadowlark Yoga, is a clinical anatomist and passionate yogi with 20+ years’ experience, known for strength, softness and a fascination with all things spiral. She holds an MFA and MSc in Human Anatomy from the University of Edinburgh Biomedical Sciences and a PhD candidate with research in Medical Sciences and Anatomy Education at Hull York Medical School. Originally an Ashtangi, Karen's style incorporates power, humour and exploration. Her teaching is informed by early influences of endurance sports, and more recently, motherhood. She weaves threads of theory and physicality into her fascia-aware, nonlinear approach.