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If you are a qualified instructor or Yoga Teacher looking to take your career to new heights, then Aerial Yoga could be the thing for you!

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Emmaline MAXWELL

Senior Yoga Teacher, TrainerPRO

Blissed-out is the place we get to during and at the end of the class - it is the Samadhi we reach when the mind is stilled and we merge into our wider consciousness, at the end of the class. I gained my BWY500 hours and have been teaching since 2008. For me it has been a slow and thorough development of my style and developing a contemporary western style yoga that still has the essence of traditional yoga, while cherry picking from many styles explored over the years. I trained in Yoga Trapeze in Barcelona with Yoga Body and feel this is an amazing course. I now run my own Aerial Yoga teacher training course inspired by Yoga Trapeze, but with my own blend of poses and methods I have developed over the years. For me, Aerial Yoga has been a wonderful discovery, I had been teaching in a number of venues in my area, including the local sports centre and all my classes were popular, but Aerial Yoga enabled me to establish myself in one studio and run 8-10 regular classes a week - I was flying literally! And this is why I want to share it with other teachers. It is so much fun and so effective. So, I will be teaching 3-4 Aerial yoga TT courses a year and am also developing the Blissed-out Yoga 200hour TT Diploma. Looking forward to meeting and teaching you soon! Blisses and blessings, Emmalini