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    Vinyasa Krama

    • Energetics On The Art Sequencing

Vinyasa Krama: Energetics On The Art Sequencing

The principles of sequencing & fundamentals of vinyasa practice

An Introduction to Vinyasa Krama and the body of essential knowledge that allows you to be prepared to systematically design the safest, most efficient and most effective classes. You will be able to craft an array of classes with specific outcomes and to teach yoga as a holistic science––one that touches body, mind and soul.This knowledge will give you a new appreciation on the power of yoga practice. The teachings you will learn in this course, more than any other training I have organised, will change the way you see practice, the way you understand the reach of yoga and the ability to bring clarity and sophistication to your teaching really, in the most exceptional way imaginable. Vinyasa Krama & The Energetics in The Art of Sequencing is a series of 9 consecutive Workshops for yoga teachers that it is eligible for the Continuing Professional Development program(CPD).



Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer Pro

Connecting students with the expansive awareness, and all-powerful energy within the body, is at the core of all Irana's teachings. She shares her love for the ancient teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda. She pulls from her 25+ years experiential knowledge of “Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Krama Yoga”,to create an alchemy of science and spirit. Irana Jian specialises in blending modern scientific accessible practices with the ancient sacred to provide a truly holistic and integrative perspective as embodiment for all who wish to deepen their relationship with the Self, generate clarity, professionalism & embody presence. Irana anchors her work on the Yogic Chakra System and Vinyasa Krama-as taught by the Indian Yoga master, Sri T. Krishnamacharya. She teaches with skill, intuition and confidence. Exploring both traditional form and more deconstructed, natural breath inspired movement, her yoga practice is creative, grounding, powerful, compassionate and vital in healing the body-mind and the psyche.