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Senior Yoga Teacher , Trainer PRO

Bill Thwaites is an acclaimed senior Hot yoga / Hatha yoga Instructor, Mentor, and author of "Yoga: The Sohot Way - The Secrets to a Healthy Body Your Yoga Teacher Isn't Telling You." APPROACH - Bill's approach centres on the neurology of movement and involves placing equal emphasis on releasing body tension as on inner core strength. It's about intention, awareness, functional breathing and inner zen. Intention: A yoga posture is not something to push or pull the body "Into"; instead, it's a framework to "Open-Out" to. From a neurological perspective, "Opening Out" requires a distinct approach to breath control, which cultivates dynamic and flexible movement by releasing muscular tension and building inner core strength. Bill's neurocentric approach to yoga has helped numerous individuals between the ages of 40 and 82 rapidly and effectively conquer common obstacles such as joint stiffness, sports injuries, arthritis, self-consciousness, and PTSD. Furthermore, notable enhancements in sports performance, focus, mobility, balance, and stability are achieved. His pupils gain a unique understanding of the relationship between the conscious and reptilian mind-body, and how to optimize that connection to unlock the healing power of yoga. MENTOR - As a Mentor, Bill helps many yoga teachers hone their skills, deepen their practice, and achieve their goals. Bill assists teachers in improving their ability to support students facing challenges, resulting in better outcomes and a larger client base. Whether it is a physical, mental, or emotional issue, Bill helps teachers understand the root cause of the problem and identify effective techniques to aid their students. Bill provides guidance on how to modify postures that don't simply pacify the student but actively achieve rapid, measurable results. Additionally, Bill assists teachers in creating a safe and supportive environment for their students to share their concerns and offer suggestions on how to communicate with them in a compassionate and understanding manner. HISTORY - Bill is the founder of the renowned Sohot group of hot yoga studios in central London, where he has taught notable personalities such as Lady Gaga, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gemma Arterton, Olivia Williams, Toby Jones, Maxine Peake, Robert Downey Jr., and many others.