The Winds of Practice

An introduction to the 5 vayus of yoga

An introduction to the energy flows and movements, while feeling into how they underpin and support our practices in yoga.
The Vayus

Course curriculum

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    The Winds of Our Practice

    • An Introduction to the 5 Winds of Pancha Prana Vayus


Victoria SKY

Senior Yoga Teacher

Victoria will be your Abode Yoga Principal Teacher & Trainer, specialising in Ayurveda and Reiki infused Yoga Therapy, Cosmic Body Work, and Healing Through Movement. Victoria has practised since the age of 6 when she saw the BBC goddess Lyn Marshall in an all-in-one blue leotard, she has been a practitioner for over 30 years and taught for over 10 years, during this journey she has learnt to always been in Adikara (studentship). In her teachings, Victoria shares her love and passion for Ayurveda, of which she is a qualified Diet and Lifestyle practitioner. This is weaved into the trainings and classes. Her aim is to guide you towards your unique souls purpose, helping you to grow as a practitioner, teacher or student. Wherever you are in your earth journey right now yoga can be transformational and help you to grow Victoria works holistically in teaching and life considering the seasons, your unique body movements and our environment, Victoria’s personal practice is her own unique fusion of vinyasa, hatha, kundalini infused with connecting to the astrological influences of the day and powered by the healing light and grace of Reiki. Email to begin your journey to remember your unique soul's purpose, creating a way of living in harmony and balance.