The value of a working understanding of Ayurveda to us as Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners.

Explore how Ayurveda enhances Yoga practice, teaching, and daily life. It fosters well-being, both physically and mentally, nurturing balance for personal growth on the Yoga path.

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Senior Yoga Teacher, TrainerPRO

Your main instructor at Heart of England Ayurveda is Sara Palmer (reg’d Ayurveda Therapist with the APA). Sara has studied and trained with some of the leading figures in the world of Ayurveda, both in the West and in India. She graduated from the European Institute of Vedic Studies as an Ayurveda practitioner and continues to train and spend time in India to advance her knowledge and understanding. To complement her Ayurveda training, Sara brings to you a broad personal experience from the fields of Yoga and complementary health. Sara managed an integrative health clinic in London for some years, working alongside and learning from medical doctors and other primary carers working with complementary medicine. And she has studied with world-renowned Yoga masters. She is registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with the YAP and is a Yoga Therapist. Sara is currently creating a Heart of Ayurveda Academy in collaboration with a renowned academy in India, and experts in mantra and yoga philosophy and psychology to support your learning and the highest calibre, authentic training in Ayurveda.