Safe Backbending in Pregnancy

Learn which backbends to avoid and why. Learn safe modifications for pregnancy in a general yoga class.

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    1. Safe Modifications

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Trainer Pro, Senior Yoga Teacher

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years. As a perinatal specialist, I have been serving the pre and postnatal community for 18 years. I am trained in pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, birth dance, postnatal yoga and baby yoga. I am also a Holistic Pelvic Health Specialist having trained with Tami Kent in the US and a range of other international pelvic health practitioners. As an experienced birth doula, I support women through the perinatal journey, both preparing them for birth, supporting them through childbirth and facilitating healing and recovery afterwards. I now offer a range of Teacher Trainings programmes and CPDS for teachers and birth-workers interested in exploring the unique yoga of pregnancy and birth and holistic female pelvic health.