Why SUP Yoga?

In this taster, Tara Crist will teach you what SUP yoga is and help you transform your paddleboarding skills!
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Hi there, I have been practicing yoga since I was 18 years and now at 55 years I am mainly teaching yoga on paddleboards, although I still have a few classes on land. I started my yoga training in Brussels, then moved to Aruba where we only taught outside and I really missed that connection with nature when I returned to the UK 14 years later. Luckily for me I moved close to the River Thames and for the past 4 years I have spent more time teaching yoga on the water than on land. When I am teaching indoors I ask students to imagine the mat is floating on the water, then the transitioning from one move to another is more mindful. and slow. As soon as I am on my board I included yoga at the beginning, the middle and the end of each session. My daughters have left home now and my husband has joined me this year so we have more time to develop our Paddleboard School and organically introduce every student to yoga!