About This Session

We'll help you decide if you're ready to teach your first workshop! This mentor session is aimed at teachers who are at the EYT level but have not yet taught a workshop.

Course curriculum

    1. Planning Your First Workshop

    2. What To Cultivate For Teaching Workshops

    3. Advantages Of Teaching A Workshop

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    2. Get Your Workshops Approved By Us

About this course

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  • 5 lessons
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What You'll Learn

  • Advantages Of Workshops

    How can these events benefit you and your yoga business?

  • A Quick Questionnaire

    Ask yourself if you are ready to take this next step!

  • Analyse The Results

    Learn about what your answers to the questionnaire mean.


  • What Are Mentoring Sessions?

    YAP mentoring sessions have been created specifically for our members, to help and guide you at whatever stage you are in your yoga teaching career. They provide guidance, information and motivation, and are based on years of practical experience at the forefront of yoga teaching. Each session will focus on a particular topic with links to additional resources and mentoring sessions. If you like these sessions feel free to share with fellow teachers. One on one or group mentoring is available from the authors on all the current topics if you require to delve deeper.

  • Who Is This Session For?

    Experienced Yoga Teachers This mentoring session is aimed at Experienced Yoga Teachers.

  • Can I Receive More Individual Help?

    If you feel you need more guidance consider private mentoring sessions with the author. You can contact get in touch to discuss your requirements and mentoring possibilities.