Introducing Breath Retention

Why are they important for our yoga practice?

The gentle, introductory practice explored here will allow you to begin to work confidently and safely with simple breath cessation, which will eventually create a springboard for working with more complex and challenging breath retentions.
breath retention

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    Introducing Breath Retention

    • Introducing Breath Retention



Senior Yoga Teacher

I went to my first Yoga Class in London, 1993 in an attempt to create some peace in my agitated mind, some energy in my tired, broken body, and to hopefully get some elusive sleep. By the end of the session, I knew I had stumbled across something magical. By the end of the second session, I knew I wanted to be a Yoga Teacher....... Over the past 26 years I have taught thousands of classes, and the one thread holding them all together is the breath. In 2004 I completed the year long Pranayama Training Course with Phillip Xerri, and have continued to use my passion for the breath, and for Prana, to inspire my teaching and my own practice. After 28 years of delving into the wonderful system of Yoga, I believe more and more in the success of the practice being the gradual movement towards the ‘inner limbs’ – the more inward-focusing practices of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. My daily practice of Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation is the foundation of my life. I believe in the age-old yogic tradition of ‘sitting at the feet of the masters’, and regularly go to the Mandala Ashram in Wales for extensive residential trainings where I can absorb the wisdom and experience of the Swamis, and to undertake intensive training courses is some very magical topics, among them: Prana Vidya, Tattwa Shiddhi, Gayatri Mantra, Vigyana Bhairava, and endless mantra & meditation courses. During lockdown 2020, I deepened my skills by taking several Sanskrit and Yogic Philosophy Courses. In 2016 I started to share my enthusiasm for working with the breath and began teaching Pranayama CPD Days to other Yoga Teachers. A year later, I added a Meditation & Mantra CPD day. One of the things that came out of the Pranayama Training Days was a need for more extensive trainings to be available. Many of the teachers attending were inspired and eager to learn more about this essential limb of yoga, and I decided it was time to share all the wisdom and experience I have acquired over the years. In 2019 I developed an intensive 8-month 150 Hour Pranayama Training Course, which provides students with a sequential journey of breath and Prana, from foundations of breathing to advanced Pranayama practices. In 2020 I added the 120 Hour 6 month Mantra & Meditation Course, and have currently delivered this course twice. My passion is to inspire Yoga Teachers and Students to delve beyond Asana and reap the rewards of this wonderful, amazing practice of Yoga.