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Managing Hot Flush With Modified And Adapted Yoga Practices

Welcome to Menopause Yoga with Triple Goddess Yoga. Our featured video is HOT FLUSH and how yoga can help with dissipating, softening or even aborting a hot flushes coming on!


Sue Yen WAN

Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer Pro

I used to think the menopause was simply ‘when your period stopped’ and that was that! When my menopause journey began, I swiftly realised that it’s SO, SO, SO MUCH MORE than that! I was oblivious to how menopause impacts on the physical and psychological bodies, or spirituality, how certain symptoms show-up as a reflection on trauma that one has experienced during earlier years of life. I never gave it much thought until I started experiencing the symptoms as it was not a topic of conversation in my family (despite being the fifth girl in my family) or circle of friends. I had very little knowledge about the different stages of a Women’s life. Such a taboo and shush-shssh subject not only in my inner circle as it seemed to me that many Women were secretly trying to get through their menopause privately. No one wanted to be associated in any way with this undesirably cruel and ageing process of the stigmatised stage of life. After my extensive years of research ‘Yoga and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ course was born! This course is designed to encourage Women to step out of the stigma and change their (often times destructive) inner narrative by educating, supporting and empowering YOU so you can support YOUR students on this sacred and inevitable journey of life. When you begin to understand the symptoms, we will collectively start to unpack them one at a time. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge on yoga and spiritual practices to help ease and soften the impact, allowing the menopause to become a more spiritual and peaceful journey. Take my hand and let me share the wisdom and knowledge with you.