Simple Hand Reflexology Techniques

In this taster, Elaine Curry will talk you through Simple hand reflexology points, self hand reflexology, and how it can reduce stress.
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    Hand Reflexology

    • Simple Hand Reflexology Techniques

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Elaine CURRY

BSc (hons), MSc, Senior Yoga Teacher

I am a registered yoga teacher with yoga alliance & Yttc and also a Pilates instructor, Sports massage therapist & Nutritionist. I have over 20 years experience of practising yoga & Pilates. I believe that anyone can practice these things regardless of age, physical or mental ability. I am passionate about helping people to achieve and maintain happy healthy lives through the practice of yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and self awareness. I have has experience teaching people from all walks of life with varying degrees of abilities from babies, elderly & children with additional needs to sports people. With a background in the medical field I also bring knowledge & safety to all classes, being very aware, that we are all individuals with varying abilities and needs. I created Calm Confident Kids which uses yoga, Pilates and mindfulness to help children of all ages.