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    1. Warm Up

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Learn how to warm up the body and prepare for a chair yoga class

This session offers an introduction to warming up the body in a chair based yoga class, gently connecting movement with breath whilst beginning to open and mobilise the joints. Chair yoga is a great way to practice, and many aspects of yoga such as pranayama and meditation don't need to be adapted at all. However there plenty of ways to practice asana whilst seated or using the chair for support, making it more accessible and inclusive.


Nathalie BENNETT

Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer PRO

Nathalie has been teaching yoga since 2009, teaching a wide range of students including teenagers, adults and seniors. She has worked across the community in hospitals, mental health settings, schools, colleges and with charities and support groups, along side teaching in yoga studios and gyms. Nathalie now runs a yoga teacher training course, and supports qualified teachers with mentoring, CPD, specialist and further training courses. Nathalie has a nurturing attitude and a passion for motivating others to realise and achieve their goals. She draws on her experience as a teacher, personal trainer and massage therapist in all her courses and classes, whilst being committed to ensuring yoga is welcoming and accessible for everyone.