The core teaching and wisdom behind yoga

Mick introduces Prakriti and purusha as key key yoga concepts. Prakriti is nature which is responsible for your body, mind and experience acting in the world. Purusha is responsible for your ‘aliveness’, your individual conscious experience of being happy, loving, creative and purposeful. The purpose of Yoga is to see and link these two aspects of being alive into a singular feeling of unified wholeness. The result is transformation, creativity, wellness and insight. When you focus on this vital yoga aspect in your teaching you and your students will make great progress.

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Mick is a globally accredited coach, mentor, yoga and meditation teacher, author, artist and architect. He has been practising, studying and teaching yoga for over 30 years. Retired from business Mick now dedicates his time and energy coaching and mentoring teachers, leaders, creators in fact anyone involved in the business of change to transform and upgrade how they work, create, think, feel and act in the world. Mick’s fundamental mission is to optimise wellbeing from the inside out through yoga based practices that help a person realise the ultimate potential within. With his teaching and conscious coaching through beanddo™ he leads a range of programmes, courses and techniques designed to help individuals reach their potential, so that they are creative, whole and in harmony with themselves and the world.