Finding and Feeling The Pelvis

You don’t have to tuck and squeeze to get better posture! In this video, you will find the landmarks of your pelvis, enabling you to understand and feel your body anatomy. This will allow you to explore how to effortlessly balance your own pelvis, based on your own movement patterns. Finally, we will think about how to use this material in teaching, to help your students find balanced posture from their own body awareness.
Finding the pelvis

Course curriculum

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    Embodied Anatomy Yoga Pelvis Alignment

    • Finding and feeling the pelvis moving

    • YA Video Handout_Pelvis

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Shirley Durdey

Clear and precise

Clear and precise

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Senior Yoga Teacher

Mollie McClelland Morris teaches yoga and embodied awareness to cultivate sensuality, heal injuries and move freely and gracefully in the world. A teacher since 2001, her journey with yoga has been through Ashtanga and Forrest yoga, integrating her dance training and somatic practices, with the embodiment practices of Franklin Method. She creates classes that weave together unique choreography, detailed biomechanical concepts, yogic wisdom and embodied self-reflection.