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This course is based on the manual 'the art of adjusting' which was created during a series of teacher training courses over many years. An important part of the course is showing how adjustments can be carried out both safely and effectively. There is no doubt in my experience that adjustments used with the correct technique and in the correct setting can be an extremely effective way of increasing a student's awareness of the asana. If you are new to adjusting, or want to fine tune your existing knowledge, this online course is a great introduction.

Course Curriculum

There are 4 chapters and a total of 20 lessons

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4 star rating

Title says everything, top!

Doris Kunert

well structured and helpful

well structured and helpful

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The Instructor


Senior Yoga Teacher

Brian has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for many years, and experienced the power of adjusting given by skilful and experienced teachers. For many years he taught Thai Massage and used its methods in his teacher training courses to refine how to adjust safely and effectively. This course in adjusting is the coming together of his ashtanga practice and his knowledge of Thai Massage. This course should be seen as a guide to starting your own adjusting practice and to develop observational skills, intuition and safe application.