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    An introduction to Fascia Focused Yoga

    • An Introduction to Fascia

An Introduction to Fascia Focused Yoga

Fascia Structure & Function

Why is fascia important and why do we need to know about it? This short workshop introduces you to the structure and function of the connective tissue body and applies it into the foundational yoga asanas of semi supine, cat pose & mountain pose.



Senior Yoga Teacher

Caz is a yoga teacher of 15 years as well as an anatomy & biomechanics expert specialising in fixing faulty movement patterns to alleviate chronic joint pain.  Her own personal journey paired with her extensive knowledge inspired her to create a unique modality called The Gravity Technique.  Frustrated with the level of knowledge she’d received in Yoga Teacher Training to help her clients with various injuries they'd come to her with, Caz embarked on a 10 year journey to dissect (literally) the body and learn about the fascinating world of fascia and anatomy in motion.  She now teaches and coaches her fellow yoga & movement professionals (but also anyone keen to learn) to up-level their skills and help themselves and on a whole new level.