Brain development and how yoga helps brain development

Charlotta Martinus, founder and creator of the popular Teen Yoga course, talks about the neuroscience of yoga and how this impacts a teenager's brain.

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    • Neuroscience - brain development and how yoga helps brain development


Charlotta MARTINUS

Senior Yoga Teacher

Charlotta is a yoga therapist for mental health and a teacher trainer. She is an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance USA and has been awarded the prestigious Master of Yoga by Yoga International (the first woman in Europe). She authored the book TeenYoga for yoga therapists, which has been sold worldwide since 2018. She is a regular contributor for Om Yoga Magazine, Yoga Journal and BBC. She has considerable experience working within the NHS as a yoga therapist at Callington Road Hospital where she worked with suicidal young people for over three years. She has also worked with charities supporting young carers, care leavers, homeless, drug addicts and excluded children. She runs the Teenyoga charity since 2004 and has secured grants from BBC, EU and Lululemon to further the research in the field of yoga and young people. She was involved in the APPG for yoga since its inception and is currently advising the government on the cost-effectiveness of yoga in schools. Charlotta has graduated nearly 2000 students in yoga therapy for young people and TeenYoga and is graced with personal guidance from her teacher in India. Patrons Sir Anthony Seldon and Sat Bir Khalsa as well as her team of Young Yoga Ambassadors guide her towards a greater understanding of the field of yoga and young people’s mental health.