Understand what Heart Rate Variability is, why it is important and how we can apply it to our Yoga teaching.

A practical workshop, applying the principles of heart rate variability to a Yoga class. This helps students to build resilience to the stress response.

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    1. Heart Rate Variability and It's Role is Reducing Stress and Anxiety

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Experienced Yoga Teacher, TrainerPRO

Victoria Butterfield - Registered Yoga Teacher. Specialist in Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Therapy for Anxiety. Yoga Teacher CPD Course - Vinyasa Flow For Stress and Anxiety Management - The Super Practical Guide I started work as a coach in the corporate world over 20 years ago and transferred those skills to the fitness industry in 2011, working as Personal Trainer and Exercise Class Teacher. I then trained with The British School of Yoga and qualified in March 2017. I have continued my professional development with courses in 'Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teaching' , 'Mental Health Skills for Yoga Teachers', 'Rewiring The Anxious Brain Through Yoga' and 'Yoga Therapy for Anxiety' and 'Advanced Anatomy Study'. I started practising Yoga in an attempt to stay active, while nursing various injuries from high impact exercise. I was also looking to help ease anxiety and stress, which was having a huge impact on my general health and well being. It worked! I can honestly say I couldn’t live as happily as I do without my ‘Yoga Fix’. I’d like to share that magic (actually it's scientific based evidence but feels like magic!) with you. The VB Yoga Hub has been born through the passion of bringing the ancient health benefits of Yoga to this busy, modern world we live in. My precise, objective, led yet light hearted teaching style aims to keeps things easy to follow. Sanskrit, an ancient language used to describe yoga terms and postures, kept to an absolute minimum, so I can concentrate on coaching. I educate on how to use the skills learned within your Yoga practice in your every day life. My mission is to educate and help every VB Yoga Hub student towards improving their own mental and physical health.