How to get more clients to book your courses

In this video, I talk about the reality of what happens when a person comes to book a course or workshop. How by considering how you are presenting your class to your customers when they are using a phone to book can positively change their experience. How simplifying their journey from sales page to checkout can really increase the level of client sign-ups.

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    • How to get more clients to book your courses



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Elaine Walsh McGrath helps yoga teachers to earn more money doing what they love. She is a Marketing Coach who helps yoga teachers and coaches to attract the right clients. She is also a yoga teacher. Her mission is to show you where the market is for what you have to offer. To help you to identify who the perfect client is for you and show you how to follow a consistent marketing program to attract new clients. She has developed marketing strategies for some of the biggest spending clients in the world. Such as L'Oreal, Volkswagen, Ferrero, Colgate. And has applied my skills to build her business. She lives in Dublin with her husband and four-year-old daughter who has Down Syndrome. You can sign up for a Dream Client Strategy Call on her website: You can follow Elaine and enjoy her easy-going approach to marketing where she shares lots of tips at and