Chair Based yoga practices are effective and impactful and go beyond asana and pranayama in

addressing students’ imbalances plus they can open the doors to population in your community

that would have not otherwise benefited from the practices of yoga.

It is our duty as yoga teachers to be inclusive and offer access to the yoga and therefore the

benefits of this practice in order to have a positive impact in the lives of those we teach with

our gift of yoga.

If that can make a difference even to the life of one person, then we have done our job well and

chair based yoga offers the opportunity to do our job well.

Part 1

The W's of Chair Based Yoga

Learn about your demographics, their challenges and the importance of teaching chair based yoga for your students and the wider community

Part 2

The Blueprint

From set up, to meditation, there is a proven way to design & deliver effective chair yoga classes with ease. Find out about my proven framework that enables you to do just that.

Part 3


The role and methodology of adaptation that will enable you to address your students’ imbalances and deliver effective chair based yoga classes.

The Instructor


BSc, Yoga Teacher, Chair Specialist

I am Maria and I am Health Professional (BSc) and Yoga teacher and therapist. (YAP Teacher, RYT 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP) I am on a mission to empower others to deliver effective yoga classes to everyone through the use of the chair. The chair offers all the benefits of yoga without the need to get on the floor, whether you can’t or won’t. The chair also makes yoga accessible in the classroom offering instant access to the benefits of this wonderful practice without the need for extra space, equipment or (dare I say it) time.